Who am I ? 

I am a self-taught artist with a keen eye and a nomadic nature which lead me to roam cities and deserts, always on the lookout for eclectic sources of inspiration. These can be a landscape, a passer-by who captured my attention, photographs I took on my travels or impressions left by a book or a film.

I have no preconceived ideas, and my sole guide is the urge to paint and the need to invent new images. I love to see my visions brought to life on canvas.
My alias, Olga Valparaíso, came from a journey to Chile where I developed a fascination for that city and its sumptuous abundance of murals painted by all manner of artists.

I live in the countryside where the beauty of the light and the tranquility are conducive to my creative spirit.
My numerous journeys around the Mediterranean basin, the Tropics and on several continents nourish my imagination with colours, shapes and all forms of novelty. Trips through the mists of the North Sea and Belgium have invited onto my canvas other sources of inspiration.

Among the many artists whose work has moved me over the years, I am particularly sensitive to the Flemmish school, to Goya and Caravaggio, Gaugin and Miro and many more.

Please have a wander through my gallery...